Thanks for visiting our café. In addition to all your favorite coffee drinks and delicious fresh pastries, we serve breakfast and lunch, featuring our delicious sandwiches and salads and a choice of gourmet daily specials. We promote local wines from several Central Coast Wineries. 
Our specialty coffees are also from local merchants.

Cafe Phone # 805 344-5181

Stop by and relax outside under the umbrellas on our patio or enjoy the ambiance of our air-conditioned café. We also host private parties.

While visiting the Central Coast, put us on your list of spots to stop.

To make reservations for a private party, please contact John Morley (or call (805) 344-4440) with all the particulars and he and Chef Jesper will arrange an unforgettable experience and a culinary delight.

Last Updated June 10, 2009